Just Drink the Water!

Hydration is one of the most important things needed to keep our body running, considering the adult human body is up to 60 percent water. We need water to survive and thrive, It is especially important for the lymphatic system. Drinking enough water is important for many reasons: it delivers nutrients to our cells, prevents infection and it helps to regulate our body temperature, just to name a few... It play's a huge role in our well being, when you are well hydrated it improves your sleep quality and your MOOD!

I don't know about you but if I can feel healthier and all around better by staying hydrated then yes, I'm in! BUT it is a lot easier said then done. I hear people say it all the time, its buzzing all over social media. You know it, I know it, we all know it but we all still have problems staying hydrated. It sounds really simple, just turn on the tap, drink the water and we will be hydrated right, well its not really that simple. It's not just about drinking more water, its about what we are using for hydration, the quality of our water, the quality of juice or tea this is equally important as the hydration itself.

Do you feel dehydrated?

I don't really feel dehydrated... Most people don't! That's because "feeling thirsty" isn't really an indicator of the initial stages of dehydration. There are a few symptoms/signs that will likely show up before thirst, which will tell you your body is in need of more fluid.

Common symptoms/signs of dehydration:

- Feeling fatigued or sleepy

- Having a decreased urine output (urine that is more yellow then usual)

- Dizziness or light headedness

- Muscle cramps

- Headache

- Constipation

- Dry skin

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms/signs or other symptoms/signs of sever dehydration consult with a doctor. *These are just my views and not medical advice.

I want to take a minute to talk about the lymphatic system and hydration.

*A detailed post about the lymphatic system coming soon.

The lymphatic system is a large circulatory system in our body that does NOT have a pump like the blood circulatory system does (our heart). The lymphatic system works to keep body fluid levels in balance, defends against infection and rely's on fluid from our body , can you imagine if you where dehydrated how slow and congested this important system could get? It relies on a few things to keep it flowing the main things are breathing and muscle contractions (they act as the pumps for this system) but one other thing we need to keep in mind when we think about keeping our lymphatic system healthy and our lymph fluid flowing is hydration. Dehydration can send our body in a down word spiral considering this is the system that cleans up our body from invaders and sends the clean healthy cells back into our hearts to be put in to the blood. I'm sure you get it by now in order for all the important systems to run smoothly and maintain homeostasis in the body YOU NEED TO BE HYDRATED!

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One of the best purchases I have made to help improve the quality of my family's hydration is the Invigorated Water alkaline counter top glass water jug. Link

Not only is this jug beautiful but it recharges tap water that has been stripped of all the trace minerals like selenium and calcium that our body needs to properly hydrate.

It filters out fluoride, chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals increasing the ph giving you a clear, odorless and healthier water. High alkaline and remineralized water not only taste better it is easier for our body to use, meaning better hydration.

My top 5 ways to get the best hydration

1. Filtered mineral water

My whole family drinks the water from our invigorated glass water jug, it sits on the counter so its easy to access and because the water is room temperature our body can process it faster then it would cold water. Its as simple as turning on the tap!

2. Citrus infused water

I LOVE citrus water, I try and drink a big glass of warm lemon or lime water every morning before I put anything else into my body, one of my favorite comfort drinks is warm orange and cinnamon water, I sometimes add a bit of local organic honey if I want something sweet.

Cinnamon orange water

*One large navel orange 'squeezed

*half teaspoon of ground cinnamon

*half teaspoon of honey (optional)

3. Eat lots fresh fruits and veggies throughout the day

This is a big one! you need to eat fruits and veggies throughout the day to give your body key vitamins and minerals it needs to function. This is something I struggle with because I get busy and having a slice of toast is just easy and fast. I can feel the difference if my body didn't get enough fruits and veggies throughout the day.

4. Herbal tea (mint & raspberry leaf are my favorite)

5. Soup

Soup all day everyday! If my kids would except it I would eat soup everyday for lunch and dinner. There are so many amazing recipes that can accommodate any type of diet restrictions. Soups are limitless and they will help keep you hydrated! (invigorated glass counter top jug)

I hope this was helpful, stay hydrated and check out my amazon link for the Invigorated water jug. Its a game changer! *double click the picture to view


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